Www.supersalary.eu helped me in my job search

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www.supersalary.eu will suit your needs.They have select placements throughout the United Kingdom, with particular focus on Ireland.

They helped me locate my employer in Dublin. I recommend them to you too! The payment and the living conditions here are much better. It`s true – I miss my family, but now I can send them money and help them.

I hope that I will bring them too. If you are searching for a reliable company – you may contact them too.

They will approach every small detail of your application in a professional way.Hope you guys are successful.


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Hi, I`m currently applying for a job through one company.I read on the net about them, so I will write for them too.

Their sait is www.supersalary.eu. they are professionals – they has found well-paid job for me in Dublin as home-carer. I am to the point to wait for my visa through the embassy and I hope that everything will be alright.

I hope to fly after two months, end of February maybe.I`m happy that I found them and if you are searching for a reliable job agency you may contact them too.

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